The first performance eating program

of its kind for athletes!

High performance eating athletes running in the mountains
Want better athletic performance
just by knowing what to eat?

Our Performance Eating program will help your athletes get better results for their unique demands and body chemistry while building better lifetime eating habits along the way!


We provide delicious, healthy foods during our live coaching sessions. When your athletes eat food they love while doing the program they will absorb the information and start to explore a diet that gives them better performance immediately.

"We have seen a huge improvements in our kids eating habits and performance since starting the Performance Eating program! They've gone from snacking on pop tarts, doritos, and soda to bringing seaweed, fruit and Kombucha to practice.  They are developing a lifelong nutritional foundation. Parents constantly ask us how we are getting their kids to request healthy meals for dinner!  They may not listen to their parents but CHS has found a way to get nutritional awareness through to the kids in a fun and meaningful way.  Our academy 100% endorses what CHS has done for our program and everyone looks forward to their weekly seminars and delicious meals.  Thanks again CHS!"

Chris K, Co-director Advanced Academy (Charleston SC)

Sports Academies love our program!

Our Performance Eating program is a great addition to any sports academy. One of our coaches will come to your facility and provide a lunch once a week while teaching the athletes better eating habits. We usually see results within the first 2 sessions and our CHS tools allow you to track their progress and improvement.

why is proper eating so important for performance?

it maximizes all other training and efforts

the body is like a race car, it needs the right fuel to perform best


we eat every day so every meal either helps or hurts your performance

what you eat affects everything from strength and recovery to thinking and planning