Let us help you lose weight and get healthy!

High performance eating athletes running in the mountains

You want to lose weight and get healthy, and you've tried all kinds of diets but nothing has lasted

This is where awareness will become the key to your success. Diets fail because they are based on restricting you from certain foods instead of helping you identify foods that you love and learning how to eat cleaner versions or make them in a healthier way. This, combined with the new understanding of healthy eating and foods is what makes Culinary Health Solutions approach unique 

Eating healthy is easier than you think! It starts with awareness

Whether your want to lose weight, have more energy, or just feel better our Culinary Health Solutions INDIVIDUAL program is customized just for you


Everyone has different issues and preferences when it comes to food and their health. Our tools will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses surrounding food, and using that information we will create a plan that fits your goals and budget. It might be daily chats or texts with a coach, or it could be in-person coaching sessions ranging from cooking and recipe skills to food prep and kitchen set up. Or maybe you aren't familiar with the new science backed understanding of what healthy eating really is ( isn't the low fat, sugar free foods we've been tricked to believe are better for us)

Don't let the past keep you from your future

Diets don't work, it's not your fault

eating healthy is actually just eating cleaner, better balanced

you eat every day so learn which foods work to help you be healthy

and when you love the foods that are actually better for you too, you win the diet game!