Your employees are only weeks away from

better performance!

Our 8 week Performance Eating program will bring awareness of healthy eating and better habits to your employees in a whole new way!


Don't just pay your employees to take more steps, hire us to teach them how to eat right for long lasting health and lifetime weight loss! We provide delicious, healthy foods during our live coaching sessions. When your employees eat food they love while learning they are more engaged and more likely follow the program. And when you offer new options that taste great your employees will learn how to win the diet game!


We will help them develop a whole new attitude about healthy eating and lifestyle that will become new habits and lead to a lifetime of wellness.


Your employees need this!

Poor health and obesity is costing your company a fortune
Eating right is the solution

Poor health and obesity can add as much as $6,000-$11,000 per employee to your annual cost. Our 8 week Performance Eating program for Organizations runs as low as $250 per employee. We offer a monthly subscription  for ongoing support and compliance after we've implemented healthier eating for your employees where you only pay for employees who engage. You can't afford not to let us help.

Awareness, followed by action, guided by our human behavior based coaching method is the answer you need to get those costs down and build a happier, more productive workforce!

"I received rave reviews from my employees, and encourage any company looking to compliment their wellness program to engage Culinary Health Solutions." - Wes C.  President-Atlantic Packaging

Our 8 week Performance Eating program for Organizations is designed to help your employees become aware


Aware of what they currently eat

Aware of delicious, healthier, balanced options to swap in

Aware of how much better they feel when they make better choices

Aware of what actual healthy food is (hint, it's not low fat, sugar free)

This awareness turns in to new habits while they eat and learn during the program

The Dr of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition

              Thomas Edison