Ken Immer, CCO

Ken is living proof that anyone can alter their diet and transform their life. Having dropped french cuisine for a yoga mat over 15 years ago, everything in his life changed. He transformed from an alcoholic chef and butcher by losing 50 pounds, dropping his addictions, and developing a healthy lifestyle one day at a time.

Ken is currently a competitive open water swimmer training for a 35km swim circumnavigating two barrier islands on the South Carolina coast. This attempt is part of his ambitious 2019 swim schedule which includes competing in the USMS Ultramarathon Distance Championships in Portland, OR., among numerous other competitive swims.
His weekly training includes swimming an increasing number of miles per week, weight training, and a yin yoga practice all supported by living the Performance Eating Program as a critical foundation for success.
It's hard to believe that over 15 years ago, he was an addict with an uncertain future, and a challenging family medical history including heart attacks, diabetes, and cancer.
From addict to Performance Eating Coach, Ken completely changed his life with simple choices, proving that anyone can do it! 
His life as an addict was created largely by his first career as a classically trained Chef who almost lost everything before making the first of many simple choices to a better life. The first choice was an introduction to yoga which he initially thought was for stress relief to save his job. What he got instead was a primer on mindfulness that gave him a glimpse of what was possible. This awareness, he would learn, was key to the Performance Eating Program that he would later develop with a former professional tennis player, who became his business partner at a critical step.
He took this glimpse, and ran with it, which turned out to be his first “marathon” of sorts as he ended up adding Yoga Teacher to his title of French Chef. Through this marriage of food and mindfulness, he wasn't just another Chef trying to make "health food", Ken developed a new cuisine of delicious food using healthy ingredients and techniques. Staying true to his Culinary training, he never lost sight of the fact that food needs to be yummy and fun to eat.
At the outset of his lifestyle change, he lost 50 lbs. and began helping many yoga students transform their lives by sharing his foods that went hand-in-hand with the physical practice of Yoga. Many of these students have continued to thrive with the mindful eating practices they learned from Ken in one-on-one coaching sessions to this day!
He found a new niche in the food business this way, first through private Chef catering, which then became a food manufacturing company of innovative healthy snacks. Later, he helped develop college curriculums for the burgeoning field of health-centric foods and supplements. Culinary Health Solutions and the Performance Eating Program are the result of many years of collaborating with his partners in all of these ventures, especially Mitch White, the former Pro Tennis player-turned-business guru who has spent many years dedicated to youth athletics.
Today, the pair are working to expand the Performance Eating Program across the Southeast and across sports disciplines in an effort to create the new standard of sports coaching to not only include training to compete, but also training to eat.