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Mitch White, CEO

Mitch has witnessed food save the life of family members three times in his life, and has now made it his mission in life to promote the concept of “food as medicine” to the world. Using good nutrition to enhance his performance as a top junior, then satellite/challenger pro tennis player, he has also experienced first hand the importance of proper eating for performance which has led to the creation of the Culinary Health Solutions Performance Eating program.

Mitch has made it his mission to bring the new understanding of the power of food and nutrition to the mainstream. A sedentary business career for almost 20 years saw Mitch put on a lot of extra weight and a general decline in health. Since making the lifestyle change of using food to regain his health he has lost 50 lbs, reversed a number of inflammatory symptoms including arthritis, has had his vision improve more than 30% and no longer has any joint pain.

Mitch's wife Natalie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2014 and has been successfully reversing the symptoms of her MS using food and nutrition ever since, all while taking zero medication. They are frequent speakers at MS support groups and enjoy sharing the story and inspiring others to take charge of their own health as much as possible.

His father also has overcome life threatening illnesses twice. Beating stage 4 cancer in the 1970's utilizing what is now known as a macrobiotic diet, and surviving a heart valve infection in 2015 at age 89. After 13 days of maximum dose antibiotics showed no improvement in his blood culture Mitch was told by hospital staff there was nothing more they could do for his dad. Mitch immediately asked the hospital staff to stop bringing hospital food and put his dad on the same food plan his wife Natalie had been using to manage MS. 3 weeks later Mitch's father walked out of the hospital completely free of infection. All of these experiences led Mitch to launch Culinary Health Solutions in order to help people understand the healing power of food and show them how to take charge of their own health.

"An inherent misunderstanding of what healthy eating really is, along with our "fast food" mentality, are the two greatest contributors to disease and obesity today". Our understanding of what healthy foods and healthy eating should look like has been wrong for the past 50 years and science is proving it more every day. "Culinary Health Solution's mission as a health & wellness company is to show people how to eat healthier through awareness, and then move from awareness to implementation, leading to better eating habits for improved performance and health".


Serial entrepreneur, former YPO member and frequent presenter on health and food issues, Mitch also has coached numerous ITF and several WTA & ATP players. Mitch is currently a USPTA Career & Leadership Development mentor, is on the USTA national mentorship committee and a YEScarolina youth entrepreneur mentor. He and Natalie live in the beautiful coastal town of Charleston, SC after migrating south from the Washington DC area in 2010. ​