To help adults and children employ the action steps necessary to achieve a healthy eating plan that becomes a permanent lifestyle







The 3 founders of CHS have each used food and nutrition to improve their lives in more ways than most people would think possible

Two of the founders are competitive athletes using food as their secret weapon, and the other has reversed the symptoms of an autoimmune disease. Together, the 3 founders have lost a combined 150 lbs, and have improved their overall general health through food

You will never need to diet again 


Our Performance Eating Program recipe begins by mixing up what healthy eating really looks like, and adds a generous portion of the foods you already know and love. Then measures and pours in your flavor and taste preferences, a helping of your daily routine and a dash of your specific nutritional needs, and out pops new foods, recipes, techniques, and strategies that bake up to become your new healthy habits and lifestyle 


It happens through our unique and proprietary method and tools and will lead to a lifetime of improved health and better athletic performance! 


This method makes our mission possible by sharing these secrets and techniques so you can live a happier, healthier and more productive life like the 3 founders of CHS have been so fortunate to experience