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I was pretty surprised to find this...{recipe included}

healthier bacon inside.... amazing!

It's was the surprise INSIDE that made me really smile:

So these have become pretty popular recently... I've seen them with many different brand names like Dole, or Harris Teeter Brand, or Fresh Express. Bagged "chopped salads' that include cabbage, kale, carrots, celery, and other vegetables with other fun additions like dried fruit, or flax or sunflower seeds. I bought one (that was on quick sale! Saved an extra buck!) to make a quick lunch with pita bread, and some hummus for a hearty sandwich. (Could have easily bought some sliced turkey too...) It came with a tasty blue cheese dressing (with a pretty OK ingredient list!).

So the big surprise, was this little packet! Who knew you would find some UNCURED bacon bits for this salad as part of the 'extras'!

Easy Grocery Store Sandwiches [Serves 4-6]


1 bag Chopped salad mix 1 bag Pita bread, any variety! 1/4 lb. Sliced turkey from the deli 1 tub Hummus (optional) 1 tub Wholly guacamole (optional)

  • Open chopped salad mix and find the 'extras bag' inside, set aside

  • Mix the salad with the dressing in the bag. Sqeeze well to coat the salad, and massage the greens to tenderize a bit.

  • Cut pitas in half and open up to make a pocket

  • Spread hummus and/or guacamole inside the pitas

  • Layer in some sliced turkey

  • Add the salad to fill up the pitas, top with 'extras' (cranberries, bacon bits, sunflower seeds...)


So the big surprise, was this little packet! Who knew you would find some UNCURED bacon bits for this salad as part of the 'extras'! The reason this is such a big deal is that a lot of people seem to think that bacon is evil and should be destroyed. Well, that is just not true Thank god, right? No foods are 'all good' or 'all bad', you have to consider what's in them, how much you eat, and how often... this is the plan you develop when you learn 4 Steps to Healthier Eating. Once you have mastered the steps, ANY food becomes a health food because you know how to get the most out of the pleasure of the food, and minimize any 'negative consequences'. What we know about bacon though, is that it is the ingredients that are used to process it are the biggest issue... not the meat itself!MLXLS

​​ As you can see it says "uncured bacon bits", and beneath that NO NITRITES OR NITRATES. Those are the chemicals that we can eat too much of. They are a preservative, and not necessary to make bacon delicious... So if we can choose bacon that does not contain them, we are avoiding the "what's bad about bacon" without having to give up the bacon!! The bigger message here is that more and more companies are listening and supporting our goals of eating cleaner, whole foods! Having options available and knowing about them makes managing your Culinary Health a snap!

bacon can actually be good for you

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