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Culinary Health

/ˈkələˌnerē / helTH / 


All the components surrounding food as the core of your health & wellness

The science we use to help you achieve your health and performance goals by creating your Culinary Health Profile and roadmap to new eating habits.

Fast food & Healthy Food
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The complexity of the social practices of food and eating

The science of Culinary Health was developed to help people take control of their total health by focusing on the complex way that we choose to eat. 

We have simplified this complex relationship into 11 components surrounding food as the core.


Up until now, a healthy lifestyle was an elusive concept that was unmanageable for most, and "dieting" was the only tool available.

Our System is a better tool because it implements long-term lifestyle change- which is the missing feature of "diets".

11 Components

There are 11 discrete components of life that surround food as the core of your health & wellness:

  • Selection

  • Cooking​​

  • Recipes​​

  • Equipment​​

  • Environment

  • Influence

  • Motivation

  • Facts

  • Health

  • Habits

  • Accessibility

Each of these components is a part of everyone's life that have direct impact on eating habits... and each other. So it makes sense that it is this complicated! You might notice that each one is closely related to it's neighbors above and below. There are subtle but distinct differences, and they actually form a circle:

Culinary Health Wheel

Culinary Health Profile & Number

We created an online quiz that can determine the unique relationship each person has with food by producing a numerical result based on your Knowledge and Ability scores in each component combined with their Balance ratio producing your Culinary Health Number. Our system brings your number to life visually as your Culinary Health Profile revealing your personal architecture, made up of both strengths and weaknesses, and is your map towards your Optimal Culinary Health! Get coached by trying out The Performance Eating Program.

Culinary Health Profile Score
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