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1-on-1 Coaching

Work with a Performance Eating Coach and start writing your own rules!

Our coaches use our proprietary technology, and Culinary Health science to help craft these new rules based on your tastes, preferences, and abilities. Our insights are inspired directly by YOU and what you love to eat so that they seem easy and natural, which creates long-lasting change.

This Culinary Health Profile is how we target your strengths in order to bolster your weaknesses when making food choices.

Meet with your Coach virtually on a schedule that works for you!

The benefits of working with a Coach

Culinary Health Profile

Using all of our proprietary technology, your Coach can see a clear picture of where you are, and then create a map to where you want to be. We deliver advice that fits your lifestyle tastes, preferences, and abilities. Start by taking the quiz!


Food Journal

Our photo food journal allows your Coach to dine with you, wherever you are! We're not concerned with amounts or calories, or grams of protein. When we actually see what you're eating and drinking, new tips, tricks and recommendations feel easy and natural.


24/7 Access

Send email, or video chat questions to your Coach at any time, and they will quickly get back to you, often in less than a 24 hours.  Schedule live sessions with your coach in a timeframe that works for you.


Personalized Dashboard

You get a custom dashboard that includes all the tools you need and displays recommendations  that are only relevant to YOU. Menus, shopping lists, or recipes that speak your Culinary Health language.


Results Tracker

Our results tracker app is completely unique! Tracking up to 12 different effects of healthy eating habits, we focus on small victories and subtle changes. We aren't looking for measurements or weight from a scale. Small improvements over time define lasting change.


Plans to fit your life

From a one-time Culinary Health Profile reading, to a full 9-month intensive, we will work with you to create a program that will help push you towards a new comfort zone, but still work within your means.

What Our Clients Say


Christophe D.

“When applying the principles of the Culinary Health Solutions' Performance Eating Program, I was able to get off my Type II Diabetes medication permanently”
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